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4 year old peeing on floor child behavior

My son turns 5 years old in 2 weeks I'm just getting annoyed because I just noticed that he's been peeing on his bedroom floor. We haven't had an accident since I've put him in child boy underwear", so I can't figure out why year continues to pee on his carpet.

Any tips for defiant peeing or pooping?

He's been very good about cleaning his room up by himself, but about a month ago, I decided to rearrange his room and when I went in there Free films porn noticed the urine smell. I asked him about it and he admitted that he peed but said it was an accident. I figured that he peeing didn't make it to old bathroom, so I cleaned it up and told him to let me know if he has an accident.

This time he had peed in a giant area It looks like he was just waving it all over.

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So I punished him for lying not for peeing. After I cleaned up what I could, I took all the toys out of his room last night so I could shampoo his carpets today and he had peed on the floor next to his bed I can't figure out when or why he keeps peeing on the floor.

I've tried leaving the light on in the bathroom floor make sure he's not scared to walk down behavior hall. I've tried talking to him. I've even taken away his movies.

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