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Alt binaries pictures erotica ll series

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It is a Usenet newsgroup devoted to, but not necessarily limited to, pictures of "the 6 Ds": What sorts of posts are considered "on topic"? Blood and pus encouraged, but not required; Atrocities of war; Dead bodies.

Alt binaries Pictures erotica Ll Series

Mutilation is considered a plus; Autopsies. What about tasteless sex acts, like bestiality, shit eating, or piss drinking? While these acts are admittedly alt and tasteless, there are several erotica newsgroups devoted to these subjects, and it is the consensus of the approximately 15 series 20 co-creators of this group that these types of pictures are definitely off-topic and unwelcome in the group.

These posts would be welcomed in - binaries. Please post to the appropriate newsgroup.

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Well, if tasteless sex is off-topic, what about pictures of venereal disease? The pictures is whether or not the picture is intended to incite sexual desire. Bestiality and scat are intended to turn some people on.

That's fine, but not here.