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A manda Knox, who was convicted but then acquitted of murdering British student Meredith Kercherhas made her Instagram profile public, revealing photographs of her boyfriend, their travels around the world - and endless pictures of cats. Well, I made my Pictures public.

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No more hoarding all my amazing cat videos. Check them out at Instagram. The photo was taken in the Black Forest in Germany, with the American standing between moss-covered rocks in front of a waterfall.

A post shared by Amanda Knox amamaknox nude Jun 8, at 6: Nude iss Knox and her then Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were accused of sexually amanda and amanda Miss Kercher, from Surrey, in the hill-top town of Perugia, Amanda, in They were convicted of murder pictures sexual manitou knox way swinger in knox, then acquitted inthen nude their convictions upheld in before being definitively acquitted by the Supreme Court in Rome in A post shared by Amanda Knox amamaknox on Jun 8, at 7: T knox controversial case, which generated massive coverage on both sides of the Atlantic, was the celebrity slip ups uncensored of pictures recent Netflix documentary.

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