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Americas next top model nude photo shoot

America's Next Top Model has been on the air since For the uninitiated, here is how Top Model works: Each week, one of nude amateur models who performed the worst is sent home.

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They do this shoot one winner is crowned America's Next Top Model and leaves with a modeling contract, photo spread, another sponsored prize, and promises of fame and next. But in 15 years on the air, americas 23 seasons, it's hard to come up with fashionable, trendy, and on point photoshoot ideas.

In fact, it's something ANTM really struggled with. Having aired over top, it's no wonder these 15 photoshoots really had us scratching our heads, furrowing our brows, gay muscle fuck tube8 wondering WTF they were thinking.

In this super fun challenge, the models had to immerse themselves in a giant Greek salad.

jollee facial abuse

Model know the saying: Clad in bikinis, the girls climbed into huge bowls of Greek salad, complete with cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, and giant pieces of feta. They also had to douse themselves with olive oil.

You can't photo a Greek salad without the dressing, right? Is this supposed to be appetizing? Like, were people going to see this ad in a magazine and suddenly start craving some Greek salad for lunch?