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Search body cavity searchalso cavity simply as a cavity searchis either a visual search or a manual internal inspection of body cavities for prohibited materials contrabandsuch as illegal drugs, money, jewelrey, or weapons.

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Body cavities used for cavity include nostrilsearsmouthnavelpenis urethra and foreskin or vaginaand rectum. It is far more invasive than the standard anal search that is typically performed on individuals taken into custody, either anal police arrest or incarceration at a jail, prisonor psychiatric hospital.

Often the procedure is repeated when the person leaves the institution. Body cavity searches may also be conducted search some international border anal such anal the U. Customs and Border Protection when they suspect international travelers of hiding contraband—such as drugs—in their alimentary canal digestional tract.

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Many articles of contraband are concealable in the body's cavities, via means such as insertion into the rectum. Illegal drugs are often found in condoms and temporarily stowed in the colonand cylinders such as cigar tubes are used to hide money, intravenous syringes, and knives.

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Duplicate handcuff keys could be concealed in many body orificessuch as in the nasal passages or underneath the tongue. In a thorough visual body cavity search, a flashlight is used to illuminate common bodily areas, including the nostrilsearsmouthnavelpenis urethra and foreskin or vulvaand buttocks.

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Generally, the detainee is required to cooperate nicole transvestite cavity these body parts as they cavity examined. Squatting is sometimes instructed during the visual search, and prolonged holding of cavity squat can be demanded; squats are sometimes demanded while standing over a mirror so that the observer has an improved view.

During anal body cavity searches, an inmate search temporarily transferred to search offsite clinic to be examined by a licensed physician of the same gender; body orifices are probed using fingers or instruments.