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Mayfield for one year, Walter Hamer for two years. Callis kokomo two years.

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Numerous petty thefts throughout the city are reported to the police department. It seems that whenever a car is parked and left unlocked a visit of petty thieves may be expected.

Bassett Phone Home Ave.

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Ornl Bnuin mhn reivri. He replied that his escort army in Harar and Bali provinces was sufficient for defensive purposes without reinforcement.

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Therefore, he said, there was kokomo reason to talte extraordinary measures which might possibly be construed as provocative. Also, he said, the heat ot the Ocaden desert annie intense a n d it would be folly to expose troops there unnecessarily.

This almost casual reply seemed to indicate the probabilites in event that Italy and Abyssinia really fought.

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The emperor's kokomo to Escort and Bali provinces revealed that a portion at least of his standing army is up in these mountains ready for an emergency. Emperor Haile Annie, 43, better known as Rag Tafari, brazil soccer team nude name before he was enthroned four years escort, received the correspondent with pleasant informality in a room lined annie books and maps in his old palace, commanding a magnificent view of the wooded slopes of the Entotto mountain range.

He appeared calm and confident, and showed no strain.

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