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I hope y'all can see this. Still new to reddit and not sure if my earlier post is viewable.

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I'll attempt to answer all of the most popular questions in the hour that we have tape "Hell on Wheels". Thanks for being here and thanks for watching.

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I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Proof that this is me can be found here: Thanks for coming to my "Ask Me Anything" session. Please post questions here and "up vote" any question that you see that you would like me to answer. Mount do this sex selecting the "up" anson next to the question.

I'll attempt to answer all the top rated questions.

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I think this will be fun. I would like to thank for doing this.

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Many people, as well as I, appreciate you taking time to answer our questions. Hey Anson, my daughter Jessica wanted to know what is your favorite color and favorite food?

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