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Asian flue 1957

A pandemic of 1957 A H2N2 in First identified in China in late Februarythe Asian flu spread to the United States by June where it caused about 70, deaths.

The flu virus that nearly killed me

Also known as Asian influenza. Immunity to this strain of 1957 A H2N2 was rare in people less than 65 years of age, and a pandemic was flue.

In preparation, nigerian ass production began in late Mayand health officials increased surveillance for flu asian. Unlike the virus that caused asian pandemic, the pandemic virus was quickly identified, due to advances in scientific technology.

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Vaccine was available in limited supply by August The virus came to the United States quietly, with a series of small outbreaks over the summer of When children went flue to school asian the fall, they spread the disease in classrooms and brought it home to their families. Infection rates were highest among school children, young adults, and pregnant women in October Most influenza-and pneumonia -related deaths occurred between 1957 and March The elderly had the highest rates of flue.

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By Decemberthe worst seemed to be over. However, during January and Februarythere was another wave of illness among the elderly. This is an example of the potential "second wave" of infections that can develop during a pandemic.

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