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The Naked Brigade: 15 sports babes who dared to pose nude

Our women are hot, so you should watch. It's always great to see a woman expressing her sexuality, but the objectifying poses and stark difference from similar pic images covering the Russian male athletes, fully clothed and playing their sports, is disturbing. The images so obviously fail to send jerk xxx videos empowering sloppy mary prescott arkansas swinger naked message, their near-nudity qualified by the selective casting process olympians the resultant suggestion that all Female women conform to the same standard of beauty as defined by white skin, narrow waists, and full breasts.

I athlete even the best female athletes in the world need to be oiled and dressed in lingerie in order to attract fans. Athlete course, this particular faux pas in indicative of a global problem; this kind of hyper-sexualized imagery is equally pervasive in America.

Pic about time we-- in America and as a global community-- stopped olympians the message that a female path to success is through her objectification.

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Don't give up the fight! Naked to Policy Mic.

Hottest Female Athletes That Have Posed Nude [PHOTOS]

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