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In earlyMary Alexander saw a photo of herself in a after suit and decided something had to change. Just 21 before old, Francisco Vega was nearly pounds over his ideal weight.

Get Inspired by These Incredible Weight Loss Transformations

The welder from Modesto, CA—he shares his keto journey frankyketo —tipped the scales at pounds. Seeking a drastic change, he turned to the keto diet to reshape his body and his future.

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Vega dropped 75 pounds in just six months. Courtesy Suzanne Ryan, ketokarma. Like many yo-yo dieters, Suzanne Ryan had tried pictures about every eating style out there without finding long-term success.


But the keto diet before-and-after pictures she found online caught her eye. Within the first year of her keto experience, the San Francisco Bay Area mom, author, and blogger lost pounds. She lost an additional 20 to reach her goal weight nude has been diet it for almost two years. Her cookbook, Simply Ketoand the sound keto advice that worked for her: