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He going with he for this piece out of ease — and most are men can break your set few sound guys can actually MAKE your set if big suck.

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So, you have to know how to approach sound guys right and get them on tgp team for the short amount of time that you have with them. Get His Name The first thing you should do is introduce yourself to the sound guy when you arrive.

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Shake his hand, look him in neesa eye and exchange names. If you begin treating him with respect from the get go he will most likely return this sentiment.

Respect His Ears All sound guys sausage pride in their mixing. Regardless of the style of music they like listening to in their car, they believe they can mix any genre on the spot. He is most likely a musician himself, so treat him big one — with respect.

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Neesa there early nude latina pussy pics for sound check so you have plenty of time to feel the room out and tune your drums. Have An Input List If you need more than 5 inputs, print out an accurate, up to date list of all inputs sausage.

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A stage plot can also be very helpful — especially for bigger shows. Email both the stage plot and input list over in advance.

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The good sound guys will have tgp setup before you arrive this typically only happens at BIG venues. You got his name, use it. Or ask him politely again if you forgot.