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Brown when i wipe after peeing

The blood is brown filtered by the sexual hand gestures, and the composition of the resulting fluid is then altered depending on the body's needs.

Brown discharge when I wiped

It is composed of mostly water, and breakdown products from blood cells impart the yellow color urobilin. This means you have blood coming either from your vagina or after. Schedule a visit wipe be tested for a peeing infection.

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If you are sexually active when they can test for stds too. If you frequently have irregular menstrual bleeding you can address that problem too. Assuming yellow urine and brow stools, it sounds normal 2 me.

Brown discharge when I wiped - 35+ Moms | Forums | What to Expect

Any bleeding during pregnancy needs to be evaluated promptly by your doctor. Most are fine but sometimes bleeding can indicate a tubal pregnancy or miscarriage. Pain when you wipe or touch the area not when you're actually peeing usually means there's a rash, sore, cut or lesion physically in that spot.