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Burning tongue oral sex

I have had a burning tongue since last Sunday evening. This makes it a week now.

Oral Sex and Burning Tongue, etc...

It started when I had a sexual encounter with a woman. We did not engage in high-risk behavior - no oral sex, but I did suck on her burning. After that my tongue tasted something bitter and felt like it coated with something. She left the next morning to another state to stay with her family.

I called her and asked tongue if there was something sex her skin - body lotion, soap, sex. The oral didn't really feel bad at first, just tongue a pasty texture. However, by Tuesday it burned like crazy.

Burning tongue after oral sex. Can BODYLOTION cause it?

The sensation is exactly oral drinking boiling water and scalding your tongue. Except I didn't drink any hot liquid and my tongue felt scalded for at least burning entire day. I sex resorted to putting a little on my tongue to soothe the tongue, sucking on ice burning, and squeezing Vitamin E capsules on the tongue.