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Celebrities that were spanked growing up

Which celebrities were spanked as spanked Would you like to hiv infection anal itch this question into it?

Female celebrities who were spanked, either growing up or as an adult.

Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Merge that question growing. Split and merge into it. This is the list of celebrities that were spanked as children. While talking to Celebrities about her daughter, " I agree with spanking because it is in the bible, and I think it helps Madison to not be a bratty, spoiled girl.

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When we were in a high class store, she started to cry because she did not get what she wanted, so right there, I were, 'Madison, knock it off of you're getting spanked.

When the topic was brought up again later, she broke a vase and threw a tantrum, partially because she was tired, but I pulled her up by her arm, and spanked her pretty hard with my hand.

Celebrities that were spanked

I gave her twelve spanks on each cheek, because that is her age. Believe me, they were not light either! Should you spank your kids? Why do people spank their kids?