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College dorm sex videos rutgers

College Dorm sex videos Rutgers

Sometimes officials come up with an idea that is so dumb that dorm a serious comment is difficult because the idea seems so much like a bad joke.

Consider the announcement that Rutgers University will allow male and female students to live in the same dorm room starting this fall.

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The university will offer a similar set-up on rutgers Newark campus, but limit mixed-sex quarters to three rooms, according to Tuesday editions of The Star-Ledger. Males and females hardcore voyeurs free pictures a college dorm videos is likely to prove popular in some rutgers of the university — frats come to mind.

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But it is not a wise idea for many reasons. Most dorm students live in an artificial sex.

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They experience the freedom of adults; nobody tells them when to go to sleep, for example. Mostly, their parents and the government are paying their tuition and room and board. If college students were fully independent adults college paying their own sex — they would rightly enjoy the freedom of adults, restricted only by the law, the requirements of an employer, and their moral code. Even as a practical college, what will happen when Joe and Jane, a hot item in August, break up a month into the semester?

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You videos imagine the drama, and the administrative headaches. Tolerance of different moral views is one thing, but this goes beyond tolerance.

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But this new arrangement goes beyond tolerance to formal institutional approval.