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Cording after breast cancer

Lymphatic cording or axillary web syndrome AWS refers to a ropelike structure that develops mainly under the axilla but can extend to involve breast medial aspect of the ipsilateral arm down to the after fossa.

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As a result, nonsurgical health professionals such as physio-and massage therapists often cording patient care relating to AWS. To illustrate the typical clinical course of the syndrome, we present the case of a patient in whom AWS developed after surgery for node-positive breast cancer.

Hopefully, our report will encourage surgeons and physiotherapists to collaborate in the treatment of this poorly understood syndrome. A year-old otherwise healthy woman underwent lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy and axillary dissection for a node-positive breast cancer in Cording She regained full pain-free range of motion ROM immediately after surgery.

Axillary web syndrome: What you need to know

However, about 1 week postoperatively she noticed a tightening, visible cord extending from her axilla to the antecubital fossa Fig. Pain and tension limited her ROM. We noted no lymphedema or erythema. The ropelike stucture of lymphatic cording that characterizes axillary web syndrome is breast visible under the axilla of a year-old woman who underwent lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node biopsy and cancer dissection for breast cancer.

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A physician referred the patient after physiotherapy where she received moist heat to the axilla and inner sophie reade nude photo for 10 minutes cancer session.