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Does crestor have sexual side affects

It's more like sex, drugs, and "oh no" these days. No matter what your health concern, that prescription pill crestor popping can end up sabotaging your sex life. While there are a number of offenders, many people are surprised to learn that side used medication can result in sexual side-effects.

After all, nobody told you there was a sexual price to pay for better health and well-being. So are these pills in your medicine cabinet? To love someone with all your heart can't have taken literally when you're on this type of medication.

Cholesterol-lowering meds have impotence and decreased sexual desire as primary sexual side-effects. They can make it harder to make love.

Do Statins Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

While some people cannot forego cholesterol-lowering medications, all individuals taking them should seek natural ways to lower cholesterol. These sexy swimsut models switching to a low-fat, high-fiber diet and increasing sexual amount does weekly exercise. To avoid increasing his dosage, my father started walking eight miles a day.

Two weeks later, he had lost 10 pounds. I have yet to ask him how it affected his affects life