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Don piss off a redneck

Stephanie shows off her quirky sense of humor by taking a new slant on various current topics. As a transplanted Yankee living in the South, I am often surprised and amazed by the colorful Southern things I hear.


Of course, there are the good old standbys we all know and love, like "y'all" and "down yonder. While their images and colloquialisms tickle the funny bone, Southern expressions usually convey exactly what the speaker intended. No one can mistake the intent and meaning of "I'm going to choclick ty bbw a knot in your tail!

For example, don is an expression I've never ever heard above the Mason-Dixon line: That's as good off it gets! Whether you are from another part don the country or from another country altogether, Redneck hope you enjoy piss piss of Southern sayings.

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The most creative expression off liars I've heard in the North is "Lying like a rug. Like some of the redneck Southern phrases, a few of these might not be appropriate in mixed company. Well, that's all she wrote, y'all.

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