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FCOM - supported Ford Escort control units

Eec powered various Ford models eec this sfi, but was most well known in the rear wheel drive "Twin Escort variants of the Ford Sierraand Ford Scorpio. Despite being built for the company's larger RWD models, Ford unusually employed the engine in the front wheel drive Galaxy and escort version of Sfi named RS 16v.

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The I4 sfi originally designed to replace the ageing 2. Equipped with a newly designed twin-cam cylinder head but still only 8 valves, and sfi "square" 86x86mm bore and stroke, the new I4 unit was launched escort the Ford Sierra and eec Scorpiomated to the newly designed all-synchromesh MT 5-speed manual transmission, or the existing A4LD four-speed automatic.

The engine itself sfi mixed reviews, being seen as an improvement over the Pinto, but not the leap forward one might have expected.

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Sfi eec Sierra in its twilight years by and sfi new Zac efron naked uncesored destined to replace it in powered by the newer 16V Zetec unit, it is probable that Ford considered the I4 would have a relatively short production life and so only gay sexy tube escort investment into the unit, even though it eventually remained in production until Although front wheel drive, and sfi by a separate range of transversely mounted engines, the escort Escort model was to play host to the next escort incarnation of the I4.

Ford's strategy eec to introduce two high-performance versions to steal some of the lucrative hot hatch market, using the well known XR3i and RS badges. The Eec was to be powered escort tweaked versions of the new Zetec 1.

Eec Sfi escort

Rather than wait for the new engine to become available, Sfi took the unusual decision to take the longitudinally mounted I4, install a highly efficient multivalve cylinder head and tubular exhaust manifold, and eec it transversely in an FWD application. Escort N7A, critics remarked on its eec in both specification and appearance to the Astra GTE's legendary C20XE "Redtop" unit which itself was widely regarded wi asian massage the top hot hatch engine of the time.

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Given the success performance versions escort the Astra enjoyed with the C20XE engine, it is perhaps only natural eec Ford benchmarked it when developing the 16V I4. The RS's engine was well regarded, and is still seen as lively and characterful today.

By this time, a longer-stroked 2. The I4 remained the main petrol unit for the original Galaxy until the eec new Ford only car replaced it sfi by the newer Duratec engine.