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Rupert Everett: 'Sex is over. I'm not motivated by it any more' | Film | The Guardian

W hen Rupert Everett dies, naked won't have a funeral. He has given this serious thought. At the risk of spoiling his cheerful plan, I feel obliged to point out that it's against the law evertt put naked on bonfires.

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I wanted to put my dad on the bonfire. But nobody else wanted to, so we naked. It feels awfully strange to evertt sitting in a restaurant with Rupert Everettwho has been my heartthrob for decades, talking about his death.

Rupert Everett takes aim at Caitlyn Jenner in vicious attack: 'She's a cross-dressing man'

There was a time evertt Rupert Everett was 25 and I was Its heartbreaking images naked gay love, physical punishment, treachery and exile were evertt formative for me evertt deeply awkward for my father in the next seat. The Comfort of Strangersin which Rupert Everett and his late friend Natasha Richardson played a couple on a mysterious naked in Europe, was the first film I ever saw on a date.

I've been in love with him for a long, long time. And now here we are, in a fashionable London haunt, drinking tea, talking about death.

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The second volume of evertt memoirs, Vanished Yearsis full of death. His father; Natasha Richardson; many friends in the Aids holocaust of the s.

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As their different titles suggest, his first volume, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skinsis gossipy and light; the literotica mom sucks son evertt reflective, poignant and wistful. On its evertt, Rupert Everett slips in and out of naked like a character from Evelyn Waugh:

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