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Exam gallery recto vaginal

Most doctors recommend women have recto yearly pelvic exam. This gives healthcare providers an opportunity to examine the pelvic area and make sure everything is OK.

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A pelvic exam consists of four parts: The rectovaginal exam is a diagnostic tool that helps doctors recto more fully examine the internal pelvic anatomy and check the exam and rectal gallery for abnormalities. How is it done?

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It involves the doctor inserting one lubricated, gloved finger into the vagina and a second finger from the same hand in the rectum at the same time. This is happening while he or she is pressing on the lower abdomen with the other hand.

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This procedure allows the healthcare provider to exam deep in the pelvis to determine where and how large the pelvic organs are.

Doctors can feel recto signs of tumors that might be located behind the uterus, on the lower walls of the vagina vaginal in exam nopho porn. The procedure lets vaginal evaluate the tissue between vaginal uterus and vagina, the tone and alignment gallery the pelvic organs like gallery ovaries and fallopian tubes and the ligaments that hold the uterus in place.

It can even help diagnose a tilted uterus.

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