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Exmachina design adult manga

Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

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No idea what it is, might as well be not so retro however. It is tempting me to change images with select but exmachina doesnt work, select work just fine in other SNES games just not this adult. I tried exmachina roms I found and same thing, anyone know whether its shot rom or it wont work no matter what?

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I design imagine this sort of thing being sold at very limited quantities at manga or something. It might be retro adult all. It's a homebrew made with a thing called Lion's Slideshow Creator from the 90s.

Exmachina design adult Manga

The pictures are from PC98 visual novels. Might as well work, these things were not meant to be used with real hardware. In same folder I think, I even discovered like 10 volumes of another hentai thing, which manga works fine. Any idea design to make it work, is it shot eternally or I need to try with different cores.

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