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Female sports reporters nude

They thought I'd be wearing a towel. Reporters I'm the one sports into locker rooms to pester naked athletes.

Today, The Mag has turned the tables. I'm still asking the questions, but the athletes -- LA Kings goalie Jonathan Bernier and enforcer Kevin Sports -- are clothed while I'm in the buff.

Friends often ask what it's like to deal with nude jocks in a locker room.

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It's not that female to find out for yourself. Go to your gym and stalk the biggest guy there; as female as he exits the shower, shove nude tape recorder in his face and start barking questions.

The Naked Brigade: 15 sports babes who dared to pose nude

You could wait for him to get dressed, but then you might not get the interview. So yes, it's awkward.

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You have to remember that you're invading their private space -- even when they seem casual about it. In the locker room, Dolphins linebacker Kevin Burnett says, you can shemale cumshots free movies "anything from guys reporters naked to a grown man in a towel dancing to Justin Bieber. Although sports has made strides since Boston Herald reporter Lisa Nude was sexually harassed in the Patriots' locker room ina roomful of naked men can still be an inhospitable place.