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Fuck at the park

I love reading about sex! I just want to share some stories with you.

A fuck in the park

This all took place last summer in London, when I was going out with a sweet guy called Pete. He was really nice, and although we eventuality went our separate ways, there park no hard feelings and I still see him occasionally.

I put on a brightly-coloured wrap-around skirt, along the a short, the peasanty top that left my midriff bare, showing park my flat stomach. It had the down the front, and I left fuck top two undone.

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Angelsinuniform sexy gallery probably would have looked best on someone with bigger tits fuck me, but I liked it anyway. Pete looked well impressed when I turned up at his flat, and was all for cutting lunch in favour of a quick fuck straight away, but I wanted to keep him the In any case, I was hungry.

Fucking in the Park -

We took the District Line tube out to Richmond, park walked down towards the river. We looked at the fuck of a couple of nice restaurants, but it was honestly too nice to sit inside, and luckily for my bank balance Pete was quite happy to go to the White Cross Hotel, which did pretty decent pub grub and good beer.

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Luckily, we were quite early and managed to grab a table outside right by the river. As we sat with our drinks, Park could tell Pete fuck admiring my revealing top. He challenged me to prove it, so he pretended to drop something under the table, and when he bent down to pick it up I opened my legs and pulled my skirt apart, flashing my pussy at him.