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Gay underwear designer

If you believe the rumors, gays have been known to care a lot underwear fashion, but they happen to care even more about what they wear under their fashion.

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It makes it a personal experience for them. The first lifts and rounds out the butt while the latter performs a similar feat for the crotch, correct?

Designer Andrew Christian on Gays' Underwear Obsession

I would say even more obsessed than women are with lingerie. These boys have a full underwear collection.

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Their underwear drawers are out of control. Part of that can be a fetish and a lot of them just like collecting them. I get asked that a lot. Gay muscularity essential underwear your brand? I use different types of models—muscular guys and some that are more thin.


I see myself with a regular guy. Gay life designer L. Bartsch has been focusing designer other projects, like her FIT museum exhibit.