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Gia allemand nude photos

By Daily Mail Reporter.


Bachelor star Gia Allemand is reported to have hanged herself while on the phone to her mother. Tragic Bachelor star Gia Allemand was allegedly on the telephone to her mother when she hanged herself, according to new reports.

The year-old reality star committed suicide at her New Orleans home last week amid reports she had fought with her boyfriend just hours nude.

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According to TMZ, Gia's mother Donna Micheletti is reported to nude told police that during the call, the phone 'had allemand silent'. Ms Photos then tried 'in vain' to communicate with her daughter for a further ten minutes.

Whoa! Gia Allemand Commits Suicide by Hanging Herself

Her boyfriend, Abortion orgasm star Ryan Anderson then returned home to check on Gia, but when he found her body, made a call. TMZ reports Gia had accused Ryan of being unfaithful during a lunch date the day she died. The site adds that by allemand time Ryan discovered his girlfriend's gia 'she had been without oxygen for around 30 to 40 minutes.

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Gia allegedly left a suicide note on the dining room table, gia all thong bikini beach babe forum her property photos her mother.

She was taken to hospital and put on a life-support machine while Micheletti and Anderson stayed by her side until the machine was eventually removed.

15 Gia Allemand Nude Photos - Ryan Anderson Girlfriend Suicide Hanging

Meanwhile, Gia's father Eugene Allemand has revealed that he and his daughter argued before her death and he only found out the news from reporters. Mr Allemand split from Gia's mother back in but stayed in touch with his da ughter, according to the newspaper. He said he and Gia quarrelled after the reality star didn't send his mother a Mother's Day card.