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Girls piss in pants

Hot Girls Need to Pee and Wet Themselves Pissing Pants -

Who would want to walk around in urine soaked underwear? Try pulling your underwear to the side next time you take a poo - how awkward is that? Anyway, we were on vacation in Cuba. My mom, sister and aunt were out, and while treading water, my mom and sister were laughing about peeing simultaneously.

My aunt girls had to pee, and we hear her in her Dory voice.

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Are you wondering if we pull them to the side and piss that way? I cannot imagine you think we just pee through yamaha fife finger chart underpants unless you think we wear crotchless panties all pants time. To be totally honest, I used to do the side pulling trick while wearing a wet bathing suit.

Sits On 's Lap and Pees Her Pants

I was on the swim team in middle school and we wore these really tight Speedo one-piece racer swimsuits. Pulling a wet one-piece bathing suit down and back up over a wet body is tortuous so it was easier to just move the crotch to the side and pee that way.

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Then I could more efficiently get back to swimming laps and coming in last every race. Gee, you sound classy. When women urinate they pull down their underwear and sit piss on the toilet. You must be a teenager or piss were intimately involved with a girls.

Why did you even ask this pants

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