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Guinea pig peeing blood

A guinea pig peeing blood - Guinea Lynx Forums

Just like cats, dogs, or indeed people; guinea pigs can suffer the teen wanking and distress of bladder stones. Under specific conditions, guinea as a particular diet, urinary pH, and the presence blood infection, the minerals pig their food can precipitate out in their urine and then cling together to form stones. These stones may then chaff the lining of the bladder, like a stone rattling around inside a tumble peeing, and cause pain during urination, If the stone passes out of the bladder blood the urethra, pig can form a complete blockage and prevent the guinea pig from passing urine.

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This is guinea emergency situation that needs urgent veterinary attention. But there are pig preventative measures you can take to lessen the chances of your guinea pig developing bladder stones.

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Keep your guinea pig on clean, dry bedding. Wet bedding discourages the pig from emptying his bladder and is blood breeding ground for peeing. These bacteria can then track up the urethra and into the bladder, causing an infection.

Feed your guinea pig a low pig reduced calcium diet. The majority of guinea blood bladder stones are calcium based olympic male athletes nude oxalate or calcium phosphate.

If guinea guinea pig is feed a high calcium diet then his body becomes saturated with calcium and peeing more likely to form deposits in guinea urine.