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Hard dick and bubble gum

Fabolous - Bubble Gum Lyrics

I was having a conversation with My friend Trey. The conversation was too silly gum crazy that I had to share with the Date City readers. Ladies tell me what you think about this concept of his and guys do you have the same policy as Trey?

I want to be hard to provide women with a peace of mind, a getaway. Someone they can and to.

"Is That All You Want Out Of Your Life: Hard Dick And Bubblegum?"

Bubble put it all on the table, I tell her straight up what the deal is. Please stop saying that!

Can you not offer more? I tell her straight up that I can dick her with this big dick and its my duty to satisfy michelle williams nude videos, I love to eat the cat so I handle all of that.

But what about the benefits of a relationship?