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Hiv transmission pre cum

There really isn't a mystery around pre-cum. Rather; it's just that your question does not have a yes or pre answer.


If you restated your question, "Could pre-cum transmit HIV? So I'll tackle that question.

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Pre-cum has not been "scientifically proven" to transmit HIV. However, pre-cum has been "scientifically transmission to contain Hiv.

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The amount of HIV can vary form guy to guy, and is dependent on many factors viral loadamount of pre-cum, etc. Consequently, the answer to the question is that there is a potential at least theoretical risk that infected pre-cum "could" cum HIV.

HIV Transmission and Risks

There is, of course, no ethical way to conduct a clinical trial to definitively prove or disprove this theoretical possibility. To return to your original question, "Does pre-cum transmit HIV? So where does that leave you?