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Hostel part ii sex scene

At about sex 47th minute of "Hostel: Part II" Heather Matarazzo is hanging upside down and naked from the high ceiling of emily dean porn very old dungeon.

Hostel: Part II

Her mouth is gagged, but her grunts, cries, and squeals are unmistakable. A woman enters the room, removes her robe, and slips into the tub, right beneath the younger woman sex above scene. She raises up a scythe and proceeds to draw herself a blood bath.

We can see the woman in the tub covered in red.

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We can see her writhe in ecstasy. We can see that there is no proper way to enjoy Eli Roth's movie, another tale of doomed Hostel tourists captured in Slovakia and fed to international weirdos hostel a torture fetish and money to burn.


Until Matarazzo's despicable exit, the movie had been watchable -- entertaining, even, thanks in part to the performances of Lauren German and Bijou Phillips, who play prettier, more outgoing part touring Europe scene her. That death sequence, though, forces you to wonder what's on the mind of a writer-director who'd give us such a collection of images.

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Roth appears to like it rough, and the assumption is that we dotoo. But where is the pleasure in seeing a buzz part to the face? Or watching genitals being thrown to a pair of dogs -- even if the man who owned them deserves to be punished?