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How to anal massage

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Have the receiver lay anal down. Start with massaging the lower back, glutes, backs of the thighs and the place where the thighs meet the groin.

Great Anal Massage In 10 Steps

Once those areas are how up massage relaxed begin to massage the area in between the butt cheeks. Use lots of oil. Gently explore and massage the tail bone all the way down to the tip of it. Explore the area below the anus.

Anal Massage For Beginners

See if you can find the sit bones anal massage all around them. With your non-dominant hand, reach forward under the receiver to massage how genitals. Continue to use lots massage oil for this as well.

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For improved accessibility have the receiver lift their butt into the air or place a couple of pillows under their pelvis. For women, follow the tips for vaginal massage.

For hyphenation latex, if their penis is flexible enough, you can pull it down so it is pointing in the same direction as the legs and feet.