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Husband spanks on the bare

Strict Julie Spanks!: Husband Bare Bottomed in Corner in Front of Hotel Maids!

It was brilliant the way you prepped the "scene" in a way that would ease the maids' concerns. You had really thought this through in advance, hadn't you?

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David's embarrassment must have been off the scale. Especially if he heard the suite door close during the final strapping!

Getting Spanked As Needed

Thanks for writing yet another posting that I'll read again and again. Thank you for noticing! I really did think it through. And yes, david was well aware that his strapping was being well-heard by the maids!


Makes me remember when at 16 in the bare 's and on a vacation to the Philippines my mother decided I needed a spanking I was still bare spanks across her lap when the maid knocked. I was made to move to the corner arms crossed behind my back bare bottom monster cock fuckfest 5 husband as the maid cleaned the room, As the maid was leaving Mom called me out of the corner and I saw the maid still the the door now seeing my front parts before Mom took me back across her lap and finished my spanking.

Oh My Goodness, jim!