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I saw my uncle naked

I'm sure he felt just as awkward as you. Don't worry about it.

My uncle's wife wants my sperm | Is It Normal? |

Some people make a huge issue of it. Others saw shrug their shoulders and say never mind! For my family, it would mean nothing, as it happens often in the playboy playmate kendra nude. Put your mind at rest.

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It will all be forgotten quickly. No he's your uncle he's probably just like wow that was awkward, he's probably hoping you're not embarassed and then not thought about it since.

Molested By My Uncle

Things like this happen more frequently than youd expect. I'm sure he felt embarrassed but I'm sure naked of you can just shruf it off ant pretend it never happened.

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Eventually you uncle will forget all about it. Unless he is a creep about it, then you need to tell someone.

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