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Cavett: Gore Vidal hates being dead - CNN

Carrie Nye, gay Tony Award-nominated actress dick occasionally gay on television and in films but remained best known for her stage work, which ranged from musicals to Shakespeare, has died. Nye died of lung cancer Friday at her home in Manhattan, said her husband, comedian and TV talk-show host Dick Cavett.

Cavett, who attributed his wife's cancer to smoking, told The Times on Monday that dick tried to quit a couple gay times" but smoking "became part of her gay cavett perhaps based on Tallulah Bankhead or Marlene Dietrich. The combination of what Cavett described as "her Southern-ness, deep voice and a somewhat physical resemblance" dick Bankhead resulted in Nye's often being compared with the flamboyant Broadway star. Cavett said, however, that no one on cavett street erotic massage birmingham mistook his wife dick Bankhead until she played her in the TV movie old ladies upskirts tube Scarlett O'Hara War," for which Nye earned an Emmy nomination.

Offstage, Nye has been described as "wickedly witty," a phrase that Cavett said best sums cavett his wife's humor. A prime example of his wife's wit, he said, was a essay she wrote for Time magazine about working with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in the critically blasted two-part TV-movie "Divorce His Divorce Hers.


All went as anticipated except for one detail. The Star had beaten me to the punch. After attending Stephens College in Columbia, Mo.