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Keisha cole nude photoshop

Keyshia Cole covers the December issue of Vibe magazine looking very refined as well as topless.

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Keyshia, let them puppies go just a tad. Her face looks great, but she looks uncomfortable in that pose.

Naked Pics Of Keyshia Cole Hit Internet | Majic / Atlanta

She is holding on to those puppies for dear sex pix thumbs. Her hair looks very Kelis-ish to me, which is not a good look. She looks photoshop on that cole.

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Do u see what u missing Young Nude I know he really misses those big knockers. Tryin to sell her body for some publicity.

Naked Pics Of Keyshia Cole Hit Internet

Why are you praising yet another Black woman exploiting herself for publicity? Why is keisha talented Black woman posing topless going to do? What purpose does it really serve besides being gratuitous?

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What happened to her tattoo? She has a beautiful face, but the removal of the tattoo makes her look fake.