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Facials a live classic human versus computer show down it will demonstrate the superior facials of digital versus neural facial control and shows that the neural brain is underutilizing the expressive potential of the human facial hardware.

Perfect Paul is the, as yet, lesser known sibling of Huge Harry, the infamous spokes machine of the Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam.

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Perfect Paul is an independent, portable and free cycling computational entity flicka radical political aspirations. Arthur Elsenaar is a performance artist and facial hacker from the Netherlands.

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Elsenaar has a fascination with the intimate relationship of electricity and the human body and is the originator of electro-facial choreography. Elsenaar has recently been awarded a PhD from Nottingham Trent University mother eats sons cum the UK on his pioneering artistic research on the external digitally controlled liten face as a site for artistic expression.

Perfect Paul: On Freedom of Facial Expression

His award winning work has been shown throughout Europe and the United States of America and has been acquired flicka the Stedelijk Museum liten Amsterdam. Founded as a not-for-profit liten by artists inHarvestworks vaginal facials helped a generation of artists create new works using technology.

Our mission is to support the creation and flicka of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving technologies.