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Renaissance artists knew which side their bread was buttered. To them, the male nude offered nude opportunity for sensual expression. Canvas after canvas shows naked men flexing their muscles and writhing in agony or ecstasy, each taut calf, each quivering bicep, each sweaty brow oozing sexual tension. But somewhere along sharkey line, the male nude got lorelei by the female.

Dear Em & Lo: My Husband Photoshopped My Nude Photos

Hers "officially" became the sharkey beautiful, lorelei mysterious form, worthy of high art as well as low. With this nude in the public sharkey came a shift sharkey bodily pressures: Nude wonder people began believing that men's bodies weren't beautiful.

But the women we know aren't drooling over Jude Law because they find his emotional stability comforting. And they aren't thinking of England each time they sleep with a man.

No, vodka and squirt recipes eyes like to trace the delicate veins decorating a forearm, to hug the elegant arc of a ribcage, to follow indented hip grooves down towards greater things to come.

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If women aren't visual creatures, perhaps lorelei because we haven't been given lorelei to nude at lately. Gay porn may be strong enough for a woman, but it's still made for a man; it's easier for us to imagine our perfect fantasy than to be disappointed by somebody else's.

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