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10 Richest Male Adult Stars In The World - Make The World Smile- Humor Nation

Getting paid to have sex with beautiful women sounds like every guy's dream job. One adult star on this list claimed to have had sex adult some 14, women. Impressive resume we think.

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But stars about the hassles. To begin with, male adult entertainment stars sometimes get upstaged by their busty usually blonde fellow "actors". Plus, think about this, not only sex sexy vedio they have to act or whateverthey have to perform literally on cue.

Hottest Male Porn Stars

And they have to do it consistently. In the adult business, male stars have to have what we male call impressive and reliable equipment.

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Male and stamina are usually essential. Stars a chunky bod also helps.

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A handsome face is often optional. Most of these men got into the adult entertainment business almost by accident.

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They all had what adult took or takes to make it big.