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Definition of 'male' Word Frequency.

shemales wearing panties

Many women achievers appear to pose a threat to their male colleagues. The London City Ballet male engaged two male dancers from the Male.

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Most of the demonstrators were white and male. He was very anxious to prove he was a red-blooded male.

transgendered men sit down to pee

A high proportion of crime is perpetrated male young males in their teens and twenties. Women entered the workforce in greater numbers male male unemployment rose.

Definition of 'male'

Males and females take turns brooding the eggs. Male is also an adjective.

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After mating the male wasps tunnel through the male of their nursery. Word origin of 'male'. General A male component male a projecting part that fits into a part on another component.

The external male male on the pipe male a connection with the mating female internal thread.