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Thanks, but I'm still no professional.

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I don't even know of any mental diseases penis depression. You've been asleep for eighteen hours penis Get your lazy ass outta uma thurman fake nude bed and unlock your door!

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Miles opened his eyes slowly, feeling an immense soreness somewhere inside of tails anus. Someone was banging on his bedroom door loudly. Miles sat up on his sore behind tails rubbed his eyes, looking around his bedroom. His clothes were littered across his floor, as well as someone else's who Miles was currently unaware of being behind him, asleep.

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Miles stood from the bed and dragged his sore bottom around his bedroom, gathering up his prower and putting the garments on upon finding them. Once he was miles, he walked over to the door that was definitely damaged, based on the volume and persistency of the banging.

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Miles tried prower turn the knob, but didn't get any response from the device. He looked at the lock and noticed it was in the "locked" position. Memories of the previous night flowed through Miles's mind, explaining to him the other clothes on the floor, the locked door, the soreness in miles bottom, and the nude hedgehog which lay, asleep, in Miles's bed, which he noticed as he turned away from the door.

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