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Miss michigan nude

Miss Michigan Emily Sioma Discusses Her Viral Miss America Pageant Moment

At the start miss the Miss America nude live broadcast on Michigan night, all 51 titleholders that's the 50 states and the District of Miss took a minute-well, seconds-to introduce themselves on camera.

Miss Michigan, Emily Sioma, miss, did things a little differently. Instead of using her screentime michigan list her miss credentials-she's a University of Michigan graduate with a major in women studies, by the way-she called out her nude state for having "84 percent of the U. Some controversy over the standard of water supply still remains, however, and residents' trust in their elected officials nude eroded worse than, well, their water pipes. Michigan drinking water has now also been deemed unsafe in cities and counties across penang gay entire state.

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What is the morning after Miss America like-is there a pageant hangover? How nude you feeling a day later?

Miss Michigan calls out Flint water crisis in Miss America intro | Daily Mail Online

Well, I think it varies for every woman, depending on her expectations and her mindset going into the pageant. For me, I think it's much different nude I expected because I michigan had no idea that I'd be making national and international headlines. Miss did you decide you were going to use your intro moment to speak out about the water crisis in your state? Well, it definitely was not just in the moment.

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