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My aunt spanked me

This is a work of fiction, meant for the entertainment of adults.

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It involves the spanking of aunt little girl, and the spanking of a big girl. If this is not something you anticipate enjoying, then please read no further.

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The little family get-together was great homemade kinky masturbation contraptions and going so well.

I rarely got to see Cindy, my year-old niece, but she and I had become great friends over the years.

Naughty Aunt Gets A Spanking

Being so much younger than my brother and his wife, I had the energy and excitement of youth to play with her more. Since Cindy was now playing spanked in little league, I grabbed a ball and glove and we played spanked all afternoon. The fun stopped dramatically when Cindy wildly threw what she called a 'home run ball'.

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In spite of my best efforts to catch the crazy throw, it slammed into the windshield, then bounced onto the hood of my brothers truck. As I watched the small spider-web form in the glass, I knew that there would be trouble. Cindy was already crying when she ran up to the truck, and I gave her a big hug and assured her that it was all my aunt.