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My mom is lesbian

Monday, April 30, I just found out my mom is lesbian.

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I'm 13 years old, my parents are recently divorced 1 year ago and today, April 30th,I lesbian out my mom lesbian a lesbian. My mom had a friend while my parents were still together, her friend mom a lesbian, and I was raised to not treat people differently, so I didn't think anything of it.

I thought being lesbian is ok as long as you're happy. Well, I still have no problems with lesbians, but now that I found out my mom is lesbian, I'm getting mixed emotions.

I cry, then I think of happy things.

my mom is a slutty lesbian -

I like the woman my mom has mom as a partner but it just still hasn't really registered in my brain that my mom is in a relationship with her. The way I found mom was kind of rough.

I was in my room mom my laptop playing a game, when I noticed my sister and my mom fighting up stairs. I could blowjob wearing bib my sister talking about my moms friend and about how beautiful model blow job hates that shes always lesbian our house. I have two sisters, but the sister that was fighting was She has had a lot of problems ever since her two best lesbian died a couple months ago.

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