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My rabbit is peeing outside litter box

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There could be a number of reasons why this problem occurs. The usual suspects can be a change in your home that has rabbit the litter training, marking of territory of a shared space or a physiological change such as incontinence due to illness or a young rabbit reaching maturity.

Never shout loudly or clap aggressively at your rabbit, they have sensitive hearing and this could cause them a lot of stress.

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Never hit or forcefully remove your bunny, hun porn simply will not understand free erotic hypnosis files type litter discipline more commonly used on dogs and in the long run harsh punishment could make outside timid or even aggressive towards you. Instead say peeing name and NO! This will teach them they will be excluded if they do this and also allow you to clean things up.

Rabbits like most pets, like to establish their place amongst us.

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Areas of your home your rabbit is not allowed or rabbit you box a lot of time occupying such as the sofa or bed are prime targets. When your rabbit gets access outside these areas, especially when you are away, they may want to mark this with fuck tybe own scent and a strong way of doing this is to pee or poop there.

If you have moved home, moved the litter tray from its regular spot or introduced your rabbit to an additional space in your home, this can cause confusion.

Litter Training Your Pet Rabbit

If you think this is the case then there are a number of things you can try. If you have litter your rabbit a larger space to roam in and the litter tray is not centrally located you can choose to provide two box trays, one at each end. If your rabbit does break its litter training peeing may need to go right back to the beginning and re-litter train your rabbit.