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By Darren Boyle for MailOnline. Katie Couric apologized over a controversial documentary on gun rights after an editor inserted catie seconds of dead air to make firearms supporters appear 'stumped' after the journalist asked salta escort a challenging question.

Couric, 59, was executive producer couric the film naked The Gun' where she interviewed members of the Virginia Defense League, who are pro gun rights.

Katie Couric apologizes over 'misleading' documentary Under The Gun

The film looked at the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting where gunman Adam Lanza shot dead his mother before murdering 20 children and six further adults inside the elementary school. Lanza then killed himself. Scroll down for video.

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Naked Couric, pictured, was forced to catie after an edit in her documentary into firearms made couric look like pro-gun activists were speechless after she asked them whether convicted felons should be allowed weapons. Couric, catie, said the edit was made by Stephanie Soechtig, right, who included the dead air for 'dramatic effect'. couric

Katie Couric’s Being Blackmailed For Nude Pics?

Couric's film naked The Gun', pictured, has been criticized over the editing techniques used during the feature. According to CNNduring the documentary, Couric asked the catie The couric is followed by eight seconds of dead air where the members of the group look at each other naked considering their answer. However, the activists responded to the question immediately according an audio recording of the interview.

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