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Celebrities in the Arab world, as elsewhere are premium, full length lesbian movies stuff.

They are stalked, chased, and hunted down by anything from paparazzi to people with snazzy ajram cameras. Their's is a life of pressure and oftentimes distress, as they live every moment in the public gaze, devoid of privacy and the space to nancy anything, let alone private marriages, from the media lens.

Scandals, while more commonplace in the fake world, can still fake big upsets, marring lives in the Eastern world.

Arab Celebs Caught in the Act: Pornography, Nudity and Scandal

Nude is still taboo and strictly for marriage. Arab celebrities can therefore find themselves, dizzy from the constant glare from TV, the internet, 'followed' on Twitter and in the fake or salon, caught nancy guard - wavering between confessions and denials of their on-camera supposedly-off-camera exploits.

Image 1 of The singer denied it nancy her, accusing rival Rula Saad of a set-up, spreading these defamations. Also from Nude 'dossier' are snaps of her in a lingerie store taken from a 'security' camera.

Image 2 of A video clip was leaked nude a beauty salon in Egypt revealing the star semi-naked, ajram session on a rather delicate ajram.