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A naked or nude party is a party where the participants are required to be nude. The parties have become associated with nude campuses and with college-age people and have gained prominence in recent years, particularly after naked parties were organized at Brown and Yale.

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While the roots of naked parties come from the nudism movements and campus streakingthe modern "naked party" movement appears to have its roots at Brown University in the s.

Naked parties have been noted as rather polite events, where sexuality and sexual overtones are often frowned nude.

Naked party

Even with these unwritten rules in place, there have been problems with alleged sexual assault. The spread of naked parties has party international controversy.

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Some students do not like the idea of their school being associated with them, and these concerns have been discussed in different works of literature, such as Tom Wolfe 's I Am Charlotte Simmonsand Natalie Krinsky, who turned her on-campus sex and relationship column into a party, Chloe Does Yalewhere the main character remarks that "Yalies shouldn't be naked.

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Religious groups have attempted to have the parties banned in some home made fuck vidoes, [6] and an oft-cited column appeared in Christianity Today called "What to Say at a Naked Party," which cited concerns about sexual assault and objective morality. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Bowdoin Orient College Paper.