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Nude beach in wakulla county

Bare and Free is the official quarterly newletter of Tallahassee Naturally.

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It is alos available through e-mail by contacting us at tbaredev tfn. Articles beach in Bare and Free may be reprinted by other naturist publications, provided that credit is given.

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Photos, however, may only be reprinted with written permission. Club members are encouraged to submit ariticles, news items, and photos for publication.

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Please address all submission to: That tradition continued through the twentieth century. In the s and county, dozens--sometimes hundreds--of free-spirited men, women, nude children gathered each weekend at Gator Sink. Unlike most sinkholes, Gator had a nice gradual entrance for children or wakulla swimmers. The name, by the beach, did not come from any lita halford porn sighting, but because the light green water reminded somebody of Gator-ade.

The good times came to an end around when a renegade minister without a church poured thirty gallons of used oil into Gator Sink, polluting it and all the sinkholes downstream.

Nude beach in wakulla County

Closer to town, it wakulla popular with college students for a couple of years. Nude real nude celebrity photos sheriff's deputies raided the county.

One arrested person demanded a jury trial, and won.

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The jury felt it had become an established skinny-dipping place, and anyone who might take offense should choose a different lake or sinkhole.