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Nudist christians in church

Nudist Pastor Reveals How His Church Worships Jesus in One of the Most Uncommon Ways Imaginable

There is a strange movement sweeping through the church at this very moment. Thousands are choosing to leave free nude contortionists Sunday best at church opting nudist for much, much less — in fact they are wearing nothing at all. As a caring pastor I had to investigate.

I listened, trying to understand.

​Naked and Unafraid: Baring Witness at a Christian Nudist Festival

Hans Christian Anderson penned a short tale of an arrogant emperor who employed two tailors to fashion a suit unlike any other. So the king, his royal court and all his subjects ignored the obvious and joined in the grand charade.

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It seemed the entire kingdom was willing to follow their foolish king. The same thing is happening today!

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Multitudes flocked christians this revelation thrilled that they could remain in their sinful lifestyles, believing grace was sufficient to cover their iniquities. Sometimes I wonder if these preachers have ever read the Word from cover to cover!

This nudist nothing new. John was given a letter from Jesus to the church of Church warning them to repent christians such things:.

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